Salvatore Mediana


An Estonia-born Techno Producer and Energetic Techno DJ

Salvatore Mediana grew up fooling around with a bunch of cassettes. Spending time messing with the sounds, he soon moved on to DJing with Vinyl Decks.

Started his first DJ gig in 2003, he began performing at the age of 13 in an underground bunker. His unique techno style of groovy bass with heavenly rolling breakdowns has landed him in the spotlight in Finland.

You may know him from his collaboration EP “Reborn” with Martin K4rma. Where it was the #1 EP for three weeks in the Beatport Hard Techno Top100 release charts.

With successful collaboration remix such as “Resolution” for Toxic D.N.A was being highly ranked. #4 In the Beatport Hype Techno Top100 on Charts. Beatport curators chose this remix on to peak hour album and Best Hype Techno Top20 Charts. He decided to give the fans songs with his unique style of music.No signs of stopping his continuous string of smash hits, and sharing his passion for everything music.

Releasing his first EP named “Amnesia”. Containing 2 original tracks called ‘Excess’ and ‘Equilibrium’, it became an instant hit. Prompting him to create a second release named “Reborn”.

Ibiza Wonderland and Helsinki's DJ Booth are a few places you may have seen Salvatore's music. With his overwhelming popularity, he's has started to share his music across the world. He begins his Ibiza Wonderland World Tour debuting in Beirut Lebanon.




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